Glossary of Terms

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DECLINE CONVEYOR: A conveyor transporting down a slope.

DECREE OF INCLINE: Angle of slope (in degrees) that a conveyor is installed.

DIFFERENTIAL CURVE: A curved section of roller conveyor having a conveying surface of two or more concentric rows of rollers. Also referred to as a Split Roller design.

DISCHARGE END: Location at which objects are removed form the conveyor

DIVERGING: A section of roller or wheel conveying which makes a connection for diverting articles from a main line to a branch.

DRIVE: An assembly of the necessary structural, mechanical and electrical parts that provide the motive power for a conveyor, usually consisting of motor/reducer, chain, sprockets, guards, mounting base and hardware.

DRIVE PULLEY: A pulley mounted on the drive shaft that transmits power to the belt with which it is in contact. Pulley is normally positive crowned and lagged.

DUTCHMAN: A short section of belt provided with lacing, in a conveyor belt that can be removed when take-up provision has been exceeded.

EMERGENCY PULL CORD: vinyl coated cord that runs along the side of the conveyor that can be pulled at any time to stop the conveyor. Used with an Emergency Stop Switch.

EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH: Electrical device used to stop the conveyor in an emergency. Used with an emergency pull cord.

EXTENDIBLE CONVEYOR: Roller or wheel conveyor that may be lengthened or shortened within limits to suit operating needs. Standard extended lengths are 20 ft., 30 ft., and 40 ft.

EZLogic: Electronic Zero Pressure Logic-See Hytrol EZLogic Components Manual.

FEEDER: A conveyor adapted to control the rate of delivery of packages or objects.

FLAPPER GATE: A hinged or pivoted plate used for selectively directing material handled.

FLAT FACE PULLEY: A pulley on which the face is a straight cylindrical drum, i.e. uncrowned.

FLOOR SUPPORTS: Supporting members with vertical adjustments for leveling the conveyor.

FLOW: The direction of travel of the product on the conveyor.

FPM: Feet per minute.

FRAME: The structure that supports the machinery components of a conveyor.

FRAME SPACER: Cross members to maintain frame rail spacing. Also referred to as Bed Spacer.