Glossary of Terms

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GATE: A section of conveyor equipped with a hinge mechanism to provide an opening for a walkway, etc., manual or spring-loaded.

GEARMOTOR: A unit which creates mechanical energy from electrical energy and which transmits mechanical energy through the gearbox at a reduced speed.

GRAVITY BRACKET: Brackets designed to permit gravity conveyors to be attached to the ends of a powered conveyor.

GRAVITY CONVEYOR: Roller or wheel conveyor over which objects are advanced manually by gravity.

GUARD RAIL: Members paralleling the path of a conveyor and limiting the objects or carriers to movement in a defined path.

HOG RINGS: Rings used to hold the shaft in a roller.

HORIZONTAL FLOOR SPACE: Floor space required for a conveyor.

HORSEPOWER: (HP) A measure of the time rate of doing work.

HZ: HERTZ - Electrical terminology, a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. Most common cycle time is 60 Hertz.

INCLINE CONVEYOR LENGTH: Determined by the elevation change from infeed to discharge versus the degree of incline.

INCLINED CONVEYOR: A conveyor transporting up a slope.

INFEED END: The end of a conveyor nearest the loading point.

INTERMEDIATE BED: A middle section of conveyor not containing the drive or tail assemblies.

INTERPOLATE: To compute intermediate values.

KNEE BRACES: A structural brace at an angular position to another structural component for the purpose of providing vertical support.

KNURL THUMB ADJ. NUT: A nut used on accumulating conveyors to adjust the pressure required to drive the product, may be turned with-out the use of tools.

LACING: Means used to attach the ends of a belt segment together.

LAGGED PULLEY: A pulley having the surface of its face crowned with a material to provide for greater friction with the belt.

LAGGING: A material applied to the outer surface of pulleys or rollers.

LIMIT SWITCH: Electrical device used to sense product location.

LIVE ROLLER CONVEYOR: A series of rollers over which objects are moved by the application of power to all or some of the rollers. The power-transmitting medium is usually belting or chain.