Glossary of Terms

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PACKAGE STOP: Any of various devices, either manual or mechanical, used to stop flow on a conveyor.

PARTS CONVEYOR: A conveyor used to catch and transport small parts, stampings, or scrap away from production machinery to hoppers, drums, or other operations. (PC, PCA, PCX, PCH)

PHOTO CELL: Electrical device used to sense product location.

PIVOT PLATE: The gusset that attaches the conveyor to the support leg.

PLASTISOL COATING: Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) covering for roller tubes to prevent product damage or marking. Usually (#70 durometer) green or (#90 durometer) red in color.

PLOW: A device positioned across the path of a conveyor at the correct angle to discharge or deflect objects.

POLY-TIER SUPPORT: Supporting members capable of supporting more than one level of conveyor at a time. Each tier has vertical adjustment for leveling the conveyor.

POP-OUT ROLLER: A roller, normally placed on the ends of a belt conveyor used to aid in transfer, and set in a wide groove to allow it to eject if an object comes between it and the belt.

PORTABLE CONVEYOR: Any type of transportable conveyor, usually having supports which provide mobility.

PORTABLE SUPPORT: Supporting members that provide conveyor mobility by use of casters or wheels.

POSITIVE CROWNED PULLEY: A pulley that tapers equally from both ends toward the center, the diameter being the greatest at the center. The crown aids in belt tracking.

POWER BELT CURVE: A curve conveyor that utilizes a belt, driven by tapered pulleys.

POWER CONVEYOR: Any type of conveyor that requires power to move its load.

POWERED FEEDER: A driven length of belt conveyor, normally used to move product horizontally onto an incline conveyor

PRESSURE ROLLER: A roller used for holding the driving belt in contact with the load carrying rollers in a belt driven live roller conveyor.

PRODUCT FOOTPRINT: The surface of the product that comes in contact with the belt rollers, or wheels of the conveyor.

PROXIMITY SWITCH: An electrical device to control some function of a powered conveyor.

PULLEY: A wheel, usually cylindrical, but polygonal in cross section with its center bored for mounting on a shaft.

PUSH BUTTON STATION: An electrical device that operates a magnetic starter

PUSHER: A device, normally air powered, for diverting product 90C from one conveyor line to another line, chute, etc.