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The Portec Flomaster Belt Merge Conveyors facilitate the merging of two or more conveyor lines into a single product transport line. The Belt-Merge Conveyor eliminates side load tracking problems routinely encountered on regular belt conveyors. Specially designed for manufacturing, warehouse/distrbution center and airline baggage applications. Optional fixed position bed idler rollers are available for extra-heavy product loads.

The perfect solution whenever a positive-drive queuing conveyor or short, wide belt conveyor is required. Performance is not affected by sudden loading of the belt, temperature changes or improper belt tension. No special adjustments needed for belt tracking and excellent dependability under heavy duty work conditions including metering applications.

Compact design for short wide gaps in the conveyor line. The perfect solution for queuing or singulating products. Conveying speeds up to 350 fpm are easily handled. No special belt material required and perfect belt tracking obtainable without a V-guide - even at high speeds. There are none of the problems associated with bottom V-guides and friction drive conveyors.

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