Safety First

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Recognized Leader in Jobsite Safety

We have an unwavering, award-winning commitment to job site safety. FloStor believes that worker protection is an essential element in the company's success and is a trust between FloStor, employees, and the customer. Our excellent safety record demonstrates our dedication to the highest level of job site safety and quality assurance.

The comprehensive safety program implemented by FloStor is designed to meet the specific requirements for the installation of materials handling systems. The program consists of an overall company policy and specific rules to establish safe work practices. Safety practices unique to each customer are incorporated into the program at the planning stage of each project.

The installation of materials handling equipment is a complex process requiring skilled, experienced tradesmen and managers. Zero Injuries is an integral part of our company culture. We know a safe jobsite environment protects our employees, minimizes risk to you as the owner and creates mutually beneficial cost savings.

Our Zero Injuries program results in:

  • Protection for our employees
  • A higher motivated and productive work force
  • Best quality assurance
  • Cost-effective projects
  • Better business results
Our program has six key elements:
  • Pre-project and pre-task planning
  • Orientation and training
  • Job site inspections
  • Weekly reviews
  • Accident and incident investigation
  • Record keeping
Each year beginning in 1996, FloStor received the Safety Appreciation Award from New United Motor Manufacturing in recognition of Outstanding Achievement for Zero Accidents or Superior Safety Achievement. The NUMMI safety program and requirements are among the most rigorous in the industry.

Since it's founding in 1983, FloStor has maintained a record of safety achievements exceeding industry standards by 25%. Our commitment to safety means the highest possible quality systems installed with no interruptions -- for the success of your operations.

conveyor safety

Recognized Leader in Operations Safety

We have an unwavering, award-winning commitment to job site safety, and FloStor's commitment to safety continues after the completion of your system. FloStor systems are designed to operate in the safest possible manner, with minimized risk to your workforce.

We know a safe manufacturing or distribution center environment is an essential element toward achieving your productivity goals. All FloStor systems meet or exceed OSHA Standards 1910 Subpart-O - Machinery and Machine Guarding. With each system, FloStor provides comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Manuals and extensive on-site training. To insure your equipment continues to perform safely and without interruption, an optional Preventative Maintenance Program is available.