Automated Storage Systems

automatic small parts storage and retrieval

LogiMat® Vertical Lift Module (VLM):
Storage and picking of small parts

Space-saving vertical lift with high picking performance

LogiMat® from SSI Schaefer is your all-in-one storage and picking solution! The latest generation of vertical lift with its highly convenient "goods to person" concept sets new standards with regard to performance and ergonomics.

Vertical Lift Advantages

Space Saving Storage Solution

Usage as autonomous system or integrated in your warehouse management

Ergonomics, Safety and Economic Efficiency are Firmly in Focus

The Warehouse Principle

A vertical lift is comparable to an over sized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays (one in the front and one in the rear). Between those stacks operates a lift, which pulls out individual trays as required and delivers them to the service window.

Exclusively from SSI Schaefer: LogiTilt