Automated Storage Systems

miniload automated bin tray storage

Miniload Crane

Maximum Use of the Vertical Warehouse Direction with a Small Footprint

The Miniload Crane covers every area of storage automation for bins, boxes and trays. SSI SCHAEFER integrated every bit of experience they gained in warehouse management into the in-house development of the SMC. Therefore, the SMC does not only feature an outstanding cost-performance ratio, but also a design for quality and longevity starting with the first screw.

The SMC is the ideal solution for maximum use of the vertical warehouse direction with a concurrently small footprint. By using boxes, trays or bins as storage aids, there is virtually no limit to the shape or surface of the goods needed to be stored or buffered. SSI SCHAEFER offers a wide range of solutions to connect the SMC to automatic and manual warehouse equipment from goods receiving and order pick positions to goods issuing.

The Schaefer Miniload Crane is the solution for: